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Wythenshawe – Manchester’s Garden City |

Wythenshawe – Manchester’s Garden City

Wythenshaw Centre

Wythenshaw Centre

Site: Wythenshawe, Manchester, UK

Client: Manchester City – Wythenshawe Regeneration Trust

Project: Scenario Analysis Research (2010-2012)

Wythenshawe, Manchester, UK, was built to emulate the style of Ebenezer Howard’s Garden City concept. It was developed between the 1930’s and 1960 and the centre was the last area to be built which did not get the archetypal decorous central green space intended to attract and entertain shoppers. This design was a scenario analysis for Wythenshawe Regeneration Trust who wish to see Wythenshawe valued as ‘Manchester’s Garden City’.

This design created a multifunctional masterplan for a public ‘café garden’, community cooperative herb hill and fruit orchard car parks, green-roofs supporting both biodiversity and commercial food production, plus a transport interchange that is a municipal greenhouse, using it’s own grey water and lighting itself through a EVC roofing. All woven together by a storm water-cleaning system underfoot, a community event space and self-sustaining planting. The accommodating spaces are climate adaptable, socially flexible, with realistic financial and management plans. Bringing the ‘park’ to the people by weaving it through the places already in heavy use increases the proven health and social benefits of green space.

centre - forum garden cafe and lawn

centre - amphitheatre

beehives on shopping centre roof

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