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3 Countries Park

The 3 Countries Park Landscape Perspective

The 3 Countries Park Landscape Perspective

Site: 3 Countries Park,  NL/BE/DE

Client: ESPON Project

Project: Landscape Perspective (2013)

Team: Project Partner – Wageningen UR Landscape Architecture Group: Ir. Annet Kempenaar, Dr. Marlies Brinkhuijsen, Ir. Fiona Morris.

A structured plan to preserve, enhance and develop the qualities of the landscape of the area between the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium which is presently threatened by urbanisation. It aims to guide developments and decisions that affect the future physical form and function of the landscape including important European ecological corridors. The landscape perspective is defined on a regional scale, providing opportunities for detailed, tailor-made and culturally-embedded local solutions in landscape planning, design and management and consists of:

  • Guiding principles: General spatial principles for landscape development
  • Present structures: landscape structure and cultural identities which indicate where and how guiding principles can be applied.
  • Future structures: the green-blue framework and the urban open space framework illustrate the structures to emerge on a regional scale when the guiding principles are applied.

The Draft Final Report & Draft Final Report Annex can be downloaded here

The Executive Summary can be read and downloaded here


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