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Project EAT

Project EAT

Site: Wageningen University Campus, Wageningen, NL

Client: Project EAT

Project: Ecological Design Consultantcy, Co-ordination of Design Team and drawing-up the Community Masterplan for an Academic Garden (2013)

Team: Fiona Morris (Ecological Design Advisor & Design Team Coordinator), Project Initiators Blair van Pelt (Research and Education Advisor) & Jeroen Postma (Research and Social Media), Project EAT board members 2012-13, Design Team (inc. Jordy Stokhof de Jong 3D images), Wageningen UR community (interviews, consultations, public workshop participants)

Project EAT is a student driven initiative with the mission to create an academic garden on Wageningen University and Research center’s campus where the WUR community can learn about food production and sustainability in action. The project’s latest product was an ecological design proposal and project management model to present to the university. The aim is to create a multifunctional space that showcases the university’s innovation and research, fosters participatory learning and interdisciplinary educational methods, whilst enhancing the overall landscape experience for visitors, staff and students alike.

The project underwent a year of stakeholder, site, and design element research using participatory democracy, open design, and a synergy of many disciplines working collaboratively and putting ecological design into practice. Around 60 people directly contributed to the various elements of the final spatial design which was guided, co-ordinated and draw-up by Atelier Rabbit.



drawn by Fiona Morris

Drawn by Jordy Stokhof de Jong

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