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Markt 17 3D

Markt 17 3D

Site: Markt 17, Wageningen, Gelderland, NL

Client: Inloopcentrum

Project: Site Design and Project Implementation (2013)

Team: Fiona Morris (design process and implementation), Tom Huisman (design process, graphics and implementation), C. Timler (hardscaping), Staff and volunteers at Markt 17 (consultation and implementation)

Markt 17 is a drop-in centre which provides a home from home for anyone in the community in need of a friendly, safe space, and a meal. Run by a coalition of community groups this space was lacking a garden even though there was a paved yard at its rear. The aim was to design a simple garden which would break up the hardscaping with minimal expense and create an inviting outdoor room, providing spaces for group socialising and some quiet sitting areas for individuals. The design was done in consultation with the staff and volunteers of the project and was implemented by volunteers with the help of the Transition Town Vallei Permaculture Workgroup. The planting plan provided a mix of easy to manage edible plants for the kitchens, flowers for the soul, and plants beneficial for insects. A restful, multifunctional space for all ages to be in touch with nature in the centre of town was created which the users of the drop-in centre maintain. One regular was so inspired in the the first year that he added container-growing of tomatoes and strawberries for the kitchens in the opposite side of the yard.



MARKT 17 planting plan




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