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Lecture and public presentation subjects include:

  • applying ecological design methodology in landscape architecture
  • the history, role, and current status of urban agriculture
  • edible cities which also benefit biodiversity
  • Productive Parks & Eco-Logical Hardscapes
  • understanding the methodology behind permaculture
  • the role of bottom-up movements such as Transition Towns

Should your organisation wish to hear more about these subjects and what they can mean to designers,  to municipal, to community, or to personal education and development, then contact Fiona using the Contact page.


f9a0b5f2-15c5-4b84-9e14-20ef02f5e265_wur-logoDesign and lecturing of first permaculture MSc. course in the Netherlands, Ecological Design & Permaculture for Farming Systems Ecology with Kees van Veluwe. Introduction to permaculture lectures for the Master of Organic Agriculture biannual course, OrganicAgriculture and Society (since 2012); and work for other departments includes Rural Sociology Department’s Master of Health and Society course, Food Health and Society: an Integrated Socio-political Perspective; Landscape Architecture Group Bachelor student design atelier  – Permaculture Design.

otherwise logo 1 2011 guest lecturer for the Wageningen University Capita selecta course 2011 ‘Food crisis? Strategies to Transform Our Food Systems  Food, Farmers and Forks: moving beyond the crisis in agriculture; iWeek lectures on community design and permaculture-thinking 2014 & 2015.

boerengroep logo 1Regular collaboration with Stichting Boerengroep since 2010 (Introduction to Permaculture) to speak on bottom-up urban agriculture projects, and permaculture design techniques. Wageningen University Capita selecta course  2012, Grassroots Science: socially driven alternatives that tackle global problems  – Permaculture, reconnecting people with soil and food.

CULS logo Czech University of Life Sciences Prague – summer school 2015, Permaculture Vs/& Science.

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