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Atelier Rabbit offers courses and workshops on Permaculture as an ecological design method through traditional permaculture training as listed below, or innovations such as the prize-winning MSc. Ecological Design & Permaculture course with Wageningen University’s Farming Systems Ecology Group. Atelier Rabbit’s aim is to bring ecological  design-thinking to conventional practice in every way possible, so if you have an idea for training or an event contact us!


cactus spiral_184343329_3cb642233b_o (2)Permaculture Design Course Year Training 2016 – April-December – Wageningen, 72hr Community education

WUR_BRGB_OFEcological Designing with Permaculture – Sept-Oct – MSc. course for students of Wageningen University (Farming Systems Ecology Group) with Kees van Veluw


If you wish to arrange a permaculture training course for your community members or to challenge your comapny employees to new heights of creative sustainability and innnovative systems thinking, then choose one of the options below or fill in the contact form informing us of your needs. The basic prerequisites are that you can provide appropriate accommodation for the training and have a minimum of 6 participants. Alternatively, you can work with Atelier Rabbit to organise other stimulating locations.

1) Introduction to Permaculture

This course is flexible in organisation and content depending on the background, knowledge-base and cultural-frame of the participants. For example, environmental science students or an active environmental community group do well with only a 4 hour interactive lecture session, for people with little environmental science education or previous interest in or knowledge of the ‘bottom-up’ approach to sustainability issues, a day course is necessary, allowing for enjoyable workshop activities.

2) Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC Course)

This is training in the use of Permaculture as an ecological design method covering 72 hours of a set curriculum, applied learning, and an active design project. It covers permaculture ethics, principles, design process, and an introduction to a whole range of associated techniques.

The full-time option can be organised variously depending, for instance on whether you are a community group or a company wanting in-house training:

  • over two working weeks
  • a residential course of 10 days
  • 9 single training sessions for one day each month

The course is a world-wide bottom-up environmental awareness and re-skilling training which is certificated by the practitioner giving the training on completion of the course. To get the most out of your training, talk with us about what your aims and needs are.

3) Advanced Permaculture Design Atelier

As people complete the PCD (see above) many wish to be develop their design skills for personal, professional or community projects. Atelier Rabbit exclusively offers this advanced design course aimed at such individuals, practicing and providing more ecological design tools and techniques.

Want to know more? Contact Atelier Rabbit with your question or proposal using the form below:

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